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Hydrotherapy Pool

A massive shout out and thank you to ...

... all the generous financial benefactors who have made the whole project possible 

"From our friends from the West, you know who you are"

... all those volunteers who donated their time

Kitty, Jenny, Christiaan, David, Tom, Peter, Sammy, Mike, Jackson, Dillon, Claire, Julia, Eliza, Will, Tom, Alex, Moira, Craig, Bryce, Anne and Jacob Wren (builder) and three cheers for

Mark Ward

our trusty volunteer foreman

...  and the many businesses, local and not so local, who donated their product and expertise 



You were all

amazing !!!!


Steeline - Kelso.JPG
Solis Inverters.JPG
Phills Blinds & Cowra Paint Plus.JPG
Earsmans Concrete.JPG
Gyprock - CSR.JPG
Cowra Plaster Works.JPG
Kents Hardware - Orange.JPG
Australian Hemp Masonry.JPG
canadian Solar.png
Truss & Frame Factory.JPG
Kennards Hire - Orange.png
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