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Jemimah Read (far left) with the founding Raising for the Read Triplets Inc. committee  

(L-R) Robyn Cleary, Anne Ward, Margaret Wallington, Jackie Yeo, Geoff Yeo, Dylan Gower, Ross Cleary, Mark Ward, Sam Stranger, Anna Stranger, Eugene Marais, Helen Payten & Michael Payten. 

Gideon, Anwen and Mahalah Read were each born with Merosin Deficient Muscular Dystrophy, and Restrictive Lung Disease. Each of the children have significant medical, mobility and independent living needs, they love life and currently live at home with their full time carer parents Jemimah and Ben


Aims of Raising for the Read Triplets Inc.:

  • Funding of a purpose built wheelchair and disability friendly home;

  • Provide the children specialised medical equipment and mobility aids; hydrotherapy Pool

  • Provide the family specialised and modified transport;

  • Provide the children long term educational support and access; and

  • Provide Jemimah and Ben respite care and support.

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