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Specialized Vehicle

Due to the children’s mobility needs, ongoing remedial requirements and chronic medical issues, an appropriately modified and reliable vehicle became a priority for the family.


When their one and *only* source of transport broke down, it become apparent the family needed a new and reliable modified van.

Now living a distance out of town the family rely on it daily, particularly with regards access to school; an increasing number of treks to Sydney for ongoing medical appointments; and addressing the individual demands of each child as they grow. 

"Introducing the newest member of the family! We have been so blessed to find a suitable second accessible van for our purposes! 
It’s a 2012 Toyota Hiace turbo diesel, like our first van, but it’s an Automatic, and it came with a lift already installed, instead of a fold-out ramp like our other one. It has space for two wheelchairs to be docked in. (We decided that space for two was better than one- or none- although we would’ve preferred a van that could take all three if the need arose, as it already has!) 
It’s already taken a strain off our situation, ferrying the kids around to their different appointments, and Ben and I being freer to go seperate places with different combinations of kids!  We would particularly like to thank the different people who have donated towards this need. The help was great. The next thing we are working towards is some accessible landscaping for the kids to enjoy outside the house!  ❤️🕊🌿" Jemimah 

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